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One-quarter of all trainees working in U.S. hospitals went to medical school abroad. Similarly, 25 percent of all physicians working in this country were trained internationally. In some areas of medicine, including geriatrics and nephrology, these people make up more than half of the practicing physicians in their field.
— National Resident Matching Program

Hospitals rely on J1 visas: but fewer are applying

WHYY News 8.28.18

We’ve always been of the mindset if there’s some research that we can be involved in that isn’t going to be a risk, if we can be a benefit to somebody down the road, go for it.
— Wesly Leinbach

High Tech and Amish: Using 21st- century medicine to maintain a 300-year old way of life

Distillations 8.15.17

From mucking stalls to riding tall: Philly kids Work to Ride

WHYY News 7.25.18

I know friends that are working, but they are doing stuff like baby-sitting, McDonalds, Target, you know? They’re definitely not doing anything that I do here
— Julian Penados, 17 years old

Allentown Headstart program focuses on kids dealing with trauma

Keystone Crossroads 1.22.18

Sometimes they wander around indiscriminately and don’t know where to be — all that is part of the trauma they’ve endured. And the main focus to mitigate that trauma is really relationship building, not only with the child but with the family.
— Lori Sesak, SafeStart

NJ Cranberry Farmers Look Forward to Cooler Weather for Crops

WHYY News 10.9.17

We get incented for color and firmness of the fruit. We can actually get deducted if the percentage of white fruit is too high.
— Bill Heines, Pine Island Cranberry

Two Losing Pa. House Candidates Ask Federal Court for New Election

WHYY News 9.14.17

Hundreds 'March in Black' to Shed Light on Philly's Opioid Crisis 

WHYY News 8.31.17

It’s about the right to vote being protected, regardless of who the winner is, regardless of what party you’re in.
— Yane Indigo, campaign manager of Cheri Honkala
She was 15 when she picked up heroin and she was 23 when she passed. She was alone, which sucks. I felt like if I was there it wouldn’t have happened. And I can’t blame myself, but you think about everything when you lose someone that close to you.
— Darlene Davis, on her sister Valerie

Treating Tremors through ultrasound waves deep in the brain

Newsworks Tonight 12.21.17

One person’s brain is not like the other. If you want to see it in a very simplistic fashion, if you put a heating coil within an egg, some eggs are going to become boiled at much different temperatures and in a different way depending on your egg.
— Gordon Baltuch, Neurosurgeon

Three Kings bring a taste of home for Puerto Rican migrants starting over

WHYY News 1.14.18

But Maria? Wow, man…we had to move here because when the hurricane came- It’s something that if I explain to you- I can’t imagine that that’s going to happen.
— Raul Berrios, musician

Life, Unauthorized

My mother voted for this president, my grandmother voted for this president, and I would be the third generation that faces him in an election. When the USSR collapsed, we were hoping for freedom. We were looking forward to it. And Lukashenko was the first president after the collapse. He was an ordinary person. He was from a village. He was just like us, so we were hoping that he would change the situation in the country. And after the first term, we realized it’s not going to happen.
— Alex, 24, from Belarus

Alex and Viktor: Musicians not welcome at home, not at home in the US

WHYY News 5.15.17

Russia’s behavior, ladies and gentlemen, demands a decisive and united response. It’s not a Ukrainian crisis, it’s a Russian invasion. The Ukrainians are not in a crisis. They are invaded. They’re occupied- they’ve had territory annexed.
— Toomas Ilves

Yiddish, African-American songs find a voice in one distinctive singer

WHYY News 4.30.16

Now we have such an arduous process to get them the services that they’re going to a nursing home or they’ve passed away while waiting to try and access these services.
— Lori Schmukler, Home Link Services

It’s no less weird being an opera singer. Because if you’re an African-American opera singer, you are repping the African-American voice. Which I think is why negro spirituals are such an important part of an African-American singer’s repertoire, because it’s a chance for them to express who they are and where they come from.
— Anthony Russell

I’m a co-parenting mom, I work, starting my own business, but I struggle each and every day with bipolar disorder and PTSD. And even though I take care of myself, it’s hard. And a lot of people are in that same boat.
— Vanessa Hazzard, Color of Hope

When they are given the space to direct their own recovery, and to do it without being suspicious and waiting for the other shoe to drop from staff or administrators, folks can really focus on their recovery.
— Laura Sorensen, Morris Home

[Methadone, Buprenorphine, Vivitrol] have shown some effectiveness. But we don’t really know which one is the best option. We don’t know if limiting the choices of treatment is going to get as strong an outcome as if you provided some choice and medical judgment to match the treatment to the patient.
— Daniel Raymond, Harm Reduction Coalition